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Junior Entrepreneur Market Research Survey

The Showcase Day Thank You

Glinsk NS. Thank you for your kindest support for the Car Wash Café. We would like to thank everyone for their help and support in the car cafè, it was greatly appreciated. From the Glinsk JEP team.    

Showcase Day

Showcase Day �”Car Café”☕ On the 7th of January we were just back from the Christmas Holidays, Ms. Roughneen, our teacher old us we were participating in a class project called the “Junior Entrepreneur Programme”. (A.K.A J.E.P. for short.) That weekend when we went home our homework was to think up of some ideas that we could use to make a small business and could become entrepreneurs. So then we all came


Junior Entrepreneur Showcase Day

The Sales Team

On the sales team is Gabrielle, Nichola, Michael, Gavin and Tegan. I did a menu for the Car Café. Our car café is on next Friday from 12 a.m till 3 p.m. The sales team is writing letters and the menus too. Everyone is making a poster for the Car café. I love it on the sales team.

The Marketing Team

Marketing I am on the marketing team for JEP along with Iarlaith, Sarah and Ciiara. We do all the promotion for the Car Cafe. So far we have done five  posters that we have stuck up in different locations. We have also designed and printed flyers that have all the information on them which we handed out after mass. We have also been tweeting about the car cafe. Iarlaith wrote a small bit


The Design and Making Team

Design and Make What We Have Done So Far! As you know we are doing a car wash cafe and I’m from the design and make team. The design and make team is Alanna, Aoibhe, Marrisa and Ava (me). All of this week we have been working on making our cakes and buns. We worked out the ingredients and the prices so we could


The Finance Team

🤑The Finance Team🤑 This year Glinsk N.S. are taking part in J.E.P ( Junior Entrepreneur Programme ). Our business is the “Car Café.” We had to break up into teams. Our team is the finance team. The people in it are Paul,Taylor, Éimear and Éanna. We have to take care of the money! We had to add up the costs and put a fair


Car café