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By February 17, 2016February 23rd, 2016No Comments


In Glinsk N.S we are doing a program called the Junior Entrepreneur Programme or J.E.P formshort.
The Programme is about learning how it is like to run a business. We had a vote to choose what business we would like to do best. You had to choose from the Car Cafe, Pillow Pal and Light Buddy. The Car Cafe came in first, Pillow Pal second and last but not least Light Buddy.
We will be starting our Car Cafe on 4th of March. We started on J.E.P in January. Lots of entrepreneurs came in to us to show us their ideas. On the first day a man called Tommy Griffin who thought of PEL. Then we had John Murphy from John Murphy Ltd, from Castlerea and Audrey Hession from Mill House Organic Farm in Williamstown.
By Gabrielle