The Board of Management

The Board of Management (BOM) of Glinsk National School consists of a committed group of people who have the responsibility of overseeing the running of the school. The Board of Management is appointed for a period of four years and meets at least five times a year.

Structure of the Board

A Core Board consists of:

  • Two nominees of the patron, Bishop Kevin Doran
  • Two parent nominees, a mother and a father, elected from parents of students attending the school
  • A Teacher Nominee, elected by teachers in the school.
  • The School Principal.
  • The Core Board must then appoint two members from the wider community.

Current Board

The current BOM 2019 – 2023 consists of the following:

Mary Keane, Chairperson, Patron’s Nominee
Stephen Neary, Patron’s Nominee
Gráinne Nolan, School Principal
Ciara Roughneen, Teachers’ Nominee
Teresa Brennan, Parents’ Nominee
Pio Byrnes, Parents’ Nominee
Rosealeen Hegarty, Community Representative
Enda Trayers, Community Representative


Whole School Evaluation Reports:

Download & read the W.S.E. M.L.L. Report September 2016



Child Safeguarding:

Glinsk N.S. Child Safeguarding Statement Glinsk N.S. Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment





Notifications regarding the B.O.M. annual reviews:

Annual Child Safeguarding Review 2021 Annual Anti-Bullying Review 2021 Annual Child Safeguarding Review 2020 Annual Anti-Bullying Review 2020 Annual Child Safeguarding Review 2019 Annual Anti-Bullying Review 2019