Write A Book Project

Write a book.
This year, the write a book was hard to choose because we all tried our bestband I’m sure it was a hard decision to make but I was so lucky this year. I
won for the first time in 4th class and Sarah-Jane won in 5th class and in 3rd class Eoin and Iarlaith won. You see they joined up for the book.
I think that this years Write a Book was good. We all tried our best and if you liked, we were allowed do it at home like type it up or hand-write it ourselves but we
had to have the rough work finished over the Christmas holidays. We all did our best and I wish we all could have won but there only can be one winner sadly but I guess you win some and you lose sometimes too. But that doesn’t mean you give up. I have been trying for six years and I won this year so you’ll never know what life will throw at you
By Nadine


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