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The Design and Making Team

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The Design and Making Team

By March 3, 2016March 8th, 2016No Comments

Design and Make
What We Have Done So Far!
As you know we are doing a car wash cafe and I’m from the design and make team.
The design and make team is Alanna, Aoibhe, Marrisa and Ava (me).
All of this week we have been working on making our cakes and buns. We worked out the ingredients and the prices so we could get making!
Alanna is doing apple pie, Marissa is doing vanilla cupcakes, Nadine is making chocolate chip cookies and Aoibhe is making rainbow cupcakes. Gabrielle is
making chocolate chip muffins, Paul is making scones and I’m making blueberry muffins.

Design and make team are designing the product and making the products and that’s what we’ve done so far!
By Ava