Work Schedule for 2nd & 3rd classes – 30th March – 3rd April

Please find below a suggested work plan for the week and all the resources below. You will see that I have asked for some tasks to be uploaded to your child’s Seesaw portfolio. There is a step-by-step post on the school website of how to login to Seesaw.

If your child finds any activity difficult, leave it and move onto another activity/ subject.


Suggested work schedule for 2nd class



Suggested work schedule for 3rd class






Bun go Barr 2nd Class





2nd Class NZ Maths Problems

Lollies Manu’s Song Marbles Mrs Parore’s Laundry Odd One Out





3rd Class NZ Maths Problems

Canon Balls Figure This Fishy Grandpa’s Pockets How Old?






Holy Thursday Good Friday – Jesus carries his cross Sorrowful Mysteries He is Risen The Resurrection Story






Easter Art Activity – Cross – 2nd & 3rd classes





Good Egg Experiment – 2nd & 3rd classes



Why is the sea salty? Dead Sea





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