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Senior Classes Suggested Work Schedule. March 30th-April 3rd

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Senior Classes Suggested Work Schedule. March 30th-April 3rd

By March 27, 2020March 30th, 202021 Comments

As you are aware by now, school will remain closed next week. We hope that you are keeping well and safe in these difficult times. We are conscious that these are unprecedented, worrying and stressful times for all. This work may help to keep your child engaged with the curriculum and hopefully provided some routine.

I have attached a suggested work schedule for your child.

I will also email a document which contains various logins and passwords for Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Read Theory, and These (currently free) apps and programs will allow me to assign work, give feedback and work remotely with your child. Please bear with us as we get to grips with these new ways of working remotely. If you do not normally receive correspondence by email, please email the school at and I will send you your child’s details. Likewise if you do not receive an email, please contact me by email  for the login details.

I acknowledge that accessing online resources can be difficult especially if there is more than one person who needs to use the household’s only device or the broadband services are inadequate. I understand that exam class students in particular must take precedent. We can only try these resources and all do what we can in these uncharted waters. It is a learning curve for everyone.

I ask you to please keep an eye on our school website or our twitter account (@Glinsk_NS) for resources and other information for learning. There are already some uploaded posts which may help with assigned work.  I hope to post some fun challenges for the children to participate in the coming days.

Please use your own judgement and base amount work completed on your child’s ability and pace. If your child finds something to difficult, please do not feel it must be completed. Please don’t worry about your child falling behind if they don’t complete all assigned work  and put undue stress on your child to complete everything. Decide on a maximum amount of time, you as a parent feel your child can work at independently and successfully each day and after which cease work. there are many other  ways  to educate

We also encourage children to also keep reading, practice their musical instruments, play board games, bake, get fresh air and engage in outdoor activities, if possible, and within the HSE recommendations. #stayhome

Click on link below for an outline of work to complete as well as a list of links and resources.

4th class schedule of work Week 3 30th March- 3rd April Updated

5th class schedule of work week 3. 30th March-3rd April

6th class schedule of work week 3. 30th March_3rd April

I will update spelling city  website with all English and Gaeilge spellings in the coming days.

Work on Irish will be assigned on Monday. Spend 10 minutes on this as scheduled.

I will leave the comments box open and will update with more resources and links.

Thank You

Ciara Roughneen


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