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We review “Maloney’s Dream” in the Roscommon Arts Centre

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We review “Maloney’s Dream” in the Roscommon Arts Centre

By April 19, 2016May 10th, 2016No Comments

Here are some of our reviews of Maloney’s Dream.

Maloney’s Dream
Today we went to see a play in the Roscommon arts center, it was called Maloney’s Dream. I thought it was brilliant! There was lots of singing and music. It was about the 1916 Rising and a man was opening up a hotel, and he lived in France for 10 years but he was born in Dublin. He was trying to open up a hotel on Sackville street while the Rising was going on but he didn’t know it was going to be that serious, so he continues to make his hotel better. His employees and his chef are all very worried about the Rising and keep trying to tell Thaddeus ( that was his name ) that it’s too dangerous to still keep the hotel open. Thaddeus is sad when his hotel gets burned and the soldiers take his food but still he continues to keep the hotel open. The effects in it were brilliant but what’s even more better is that all the effects were by the instruments! There was a little puppet boy scavenging for food and clothes for his family, but the last time he comes out he gets shot by an accident.

Overall I thought it was brilliant and it was great fun.
The End!
By Marissa

Maloney’s Dream!
On Friday, the 15th of April, we went to Roscommon Arts Centre to watch a play called Maloney’s Dream. The music was really good! It was about the 1916 Rising. He really lived in Ireland but in the play he lived in France. Maloney went on a train from France to CAlais and then on a boat to Ireland. He finally came to his true home. He had three servants, one music player and a chef. The hotel was called Maloney’s Hotel. His hotel got bombed in the rebellion. After the rebellion ended, they went back to the hotel and it was ruined. They
all fixed up the hotel. My favourite actor was Maloney


Maloney’s Dream.
On the 15th of April, we went to the theatre in Roscommon to watch a play. It was called Maloney’s Dream. It was about the 1916 Rising. They did a lot of music first then a woman started talking about the 1916 Rising. After that, Thaddeus Maloney was in France he got on the train and he was going back to Dublin.He hadn’t been in Dublin for 10 years and he was happy to be coming back. He was going opening a hotel in Dublin. He was going opening it at Easter but he didn’t know that it was a bad timethis Easter. When he came to Dublin he said that he wanted a very fancy hotel he had two maids, one chef, one housekeeper and one musician. Then a women that was walking around the streets said that Easter was a very bad time to set up a hotel, she said set it up in winter but Thaddeus Maloney didn’tlisten.

Then set up tables and he put up new curtains. He stood looking out the doors but no one came. Then someone rang the phone and they said they wanted to book a room and Thaddeus Maloney said yes. The next day the bombing started the GPO was bombed down but the hotel wasn’t.

Maloney’s dream !
Today Friday the 15th of April we left the school at quarter past 11 to go to the Roscommon Arts Centre to watch a play called Maloney’s dream. The play was very good. There was lots of musicians in the play. They played instruments such as the double base, guitar, banjo, drums, mandolin, and violin. The play was about the 1916 Easter Rising. There was a man called Thaddeus Maloney. He was originally from Ireland and hasn’t been there for ten years and lived in France. He finally came back to his true home and decided to fulfill his dream of opening the biggest hotel in Dublin a hotel called Maloney’s hotel. He opened his hotel on the 24th of April 1916 Easter Monday surrounded by the Irish Rebellion. His
hotel got bombed in the Rebellion. After the Rebellion ended he decided to start up his hotel again.

After the play we all went home back to Glinsk .
By Sarah