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Trip to the Water Reservoir

On Tuesday 7th of November, Karen Carey and Brian Mac Domhnaill from the National Federation of Group Water Schemes along with Bert Curley and Yvonne Ward brought all the pupils in the senior classroom to the local water reservoir and water treatment plant. It was a lovely dry crisp morning for the trip which was research for their FIRST Lego Leagues project.

The group visited their local drinking water source and catchment for the drinking water treatment plant emphasising the difference between untreated and treated water and discussing the natural and man-made issues that impact on raw water quality. Pupils also learned about storage and distribution of drinking water, water conservation and the importance of ongoing quality controls.


Back in the classroom Brian gave a presentation on the theme “Water is Life” providing all pupils with a work book for follow on work. Thanks to Karen, Brian, Bert & Yvonne for a most helpful, interesting and informative tour of our local water treatment plant.

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