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The Day the Army came to School

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The Day the Army came to School

By October 15, 2015November 9th, 2015No Comments

The day the Army came to our school!!
Last Wednesday the army came to our school! They were meant to come at 1’o clock but they came at two instead because they
got delayed. A few days before we had been preparing Amhrán na bhFiann and we played it on the tin-whistle.
When they finally came, everyone was very excited. We all walked down to the hall. As we walked down, we saw them. They were tall and
had very white teeth!

When we all got down there, everyone sat in their seats. The principal introduced them and then they stood at the front of the hall and we began to play.
When we had finished they said their names. There was three of them Sergeant Green, Private Sherlock and Lieutenant Jamie McMahon.

Then Lieutenant McMahon asked if anyone could name the people who signed the Proclamation. Paul put up his hand and got it right he was very impressed.
Then Daniel and Paul and Jamie read out the Proclamation.
Afterwards Sergeant Green started to talk about taking care of the flag.

Here are the rules: you cannot write on it, or drag it on the ground and the last one, or leave it out in the night unless it has a light on it.
Then he asked for the people to take the flag.  Tegan, Aoibhe and  Ciara went up for the flag and  afterwards Éimear, Gabrielle, Sarah Jane and Ava went up for the proclamation.