Senior Classes Suggested Work Schedule. April 20th-24th

I have attached a suggested work schedule for your child. Please continue to use Class Dojo and Google Classroom to share your work.

I am also communicating with your child via gmail and Google Classroom and Class Dojo.

Please try to set up Google Classroom and Class Dojo for your child as this will allow them to send work to me and to share with their class. If you are having difficulty accessing the online material or apps, please let me know.

I ask you to please keep an eye on our school website or our twitter account (@Glinsk_NS) for resources and other information for learning.

Click on link below for an outline of work to complete as well as a list of links and resources.

4th class schedule of work 20-24th April

5th class schedule of work April 20th-24th

6th class schedule of work April 20th-24th

I will update spelling city website with all English and Gaeilge spellings in the coming days.

Work on Irish will be assigned on Monday. Spend 10 minutes on this as scheduled.

I will leave the comments box open and will update with more resources and links.

Thank You

Ciara Roughneen


7 Responses to “Senior Classes Suggested Work Schedule. April 20th-24th”

  1. Ali O Toole

    Hello Mrs. Roughneen, it says that our read at home page is 97 but the last page we did was 85. Will I do 97 or 85?
    from Ali.

    • Ciara Roughneen

      Hi Ali
      Today’s Read at Home is page 91.
      To keep everyone together we will continue from this page. I think the days may have gotten mixed up along the way. (pages 91, 92, 93, 94 for this week)

  2. Róisín Brennan

    Hi Mrs. Roughneen, The link for isn’t working. The error suggests that the content has been moved or deleted. What should I do?
    From Róisín.

    • Ciara Roughneen

      Hi Róisín, I have assigned a new lesson this week.
      go to and login with your username and password.
      If this doesn’t work, you might need to get an adult to clear your cache on the computer.

  3. Nicole Mulhearn

    Hi ms Roughneen.
    I just did my tests and got 100% in both irish and English.
    From Nicole

  4. Kayleigh

    Hi ms roughneen. I got 75% in Irish spelling test and 92% in English


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