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Science Week Fun!

Pupils took part in science week and really enjoyed all the practical and fun experiments. They predicted which would make the best material to protect Humpty Dumpty when dropped from a fall. Humpty ended up with a few cracks in his head! We tested polystyrene shapes, saw-dust, Duplo blocks and clothes with some surprising results.



Pupils also used food colouring and watched how the coloured water traveled along the kitchen paper and mixed to make a new colour. The hair-dryer and ping-pong ball was great fun followed by making rain-clouds using more food colouring and shaving foam!


We made our own hoover craft and had a car-balloon race, investigating how air moves. We were amazed with the results of our egg experiment. We place eggs in vinegar and left them for 2 days after which the shells washed off and the eggs were bouncy! Yet they were still raw on the inside which we discovered after we bounced them a little too much!


Pupils also worked together to make a rocket using a straw taped a balloon, with the straw threaded through a string. Take a look at some more of our photos of our different experiments we tried during science week.

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