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School Tours

Junior & Senior Infants traveled to Roscommon on their school tour on Thursday 15th June. First they went to Upsie Daisies for some fun after which they went to Roscommon fire-station where they had a full tour of the station. First of all they began at the locker room and got to see the protective clothing which firemen wear with Ms. Kenny challenged to put on all the heavy gear in the quickest time possible!





Take a look at more photos from our trip to the fire-station below

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Pupils from 1st – 6th class went to Horizon Adventure Centre in Westport on the 22nd of June. Horizon Adventure Centre is an activity based adventure centre and pupils had a very busy day moving from one activity to the next throughout the day. Activities included wall climbing, high-rope climbing, night-line in the woods which required lots of trust as pupils were blindfolded. The leader passed on the message to the next person if he or she came across an obstacle! Pupils also tried fencing and laser-tag in combat gear proved to be very popular with all groups!

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After Horizon Adventure Centre, we went to Hanley’s Equestrian Centre outside Claremorris for a horse-riding lesson.

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