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Programming with MSW Logo

MSW Logo is a programming language with open source content. MSW Logo (Microsoft Windows Logo) is a free to download programme which 3rd class have been using over a number of weeks. On opening the programme you will see a triangle at the centre of the screen which is called the turtle.


Pupils had to input commands in the command window to get the turtle to move and make turns. They initially worked on all the 2-D shapes, thinking about how many sides and angles in each of the shapes. Next the pupils used the basic shapes in repeat commands which created very nice patterns.

Blank repeated hexagon   Blank repeated square


These patterns were copied and pasted into MS Paint where they filled them using the fill-can tool. Third class created their very own Logo website with step, by step commands on how to create all the 2-D shapes, how to create patterns and also some of their own patterns & designs.

Emily square repeated fillled pattern 2    Diamond filled patteren

Click on this link to see their website and all their work. It is well worth a look!


Take a look at some photos also of their work.