My Teddy!

My teddy!
On the 8th of January we started knitting teddies!🙂 teddy
We were told to bring in knitting needles and wool. It had been a long time since I knitted so I didn’t know what to do. But after a while the ladies helped me. There’s not much to it actually, you go in the stitch, pull the wool around the needle, pop it out and push the stitch off. It took me ( and Mommy!😅 )
about 3 weeks to knit the 2 sides of the teddy but after it was all done it was worth it. After you done the 2 sides of the teddy, you sew them together (but make sure you leave a hole to put the stuffing in.) When you’ve sewn the two sides together, get your hole and start stuffing ( you can use old tights or stuffing.) When you are done stuffing, sew the hole up. Then pick out buttons for the eyes( or you can get sticky googly eyes)and pick out a button for the nose. Sew the eyes and the nose on and then you have your cute knitted teddy bear!


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