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My Confirmation Day

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My Confirmation Day

By May 29, 2015June 21st, 2015No Comments

To prepare for my confirmation, we filled in a confirmation book which helped us to understand what being confirmed means. I also had to think carefully about who I would choose to be my sponsor and carefully about my name I was going to take.We also booked a hotel for the meal with my family afterwards. I also got a new outfit for after the mass service as we were wearing our uniforms for the mass.  The evening before there was a preparation evening for us to see where our seats were and what to do. The morning of the confirmation, there was great excitement getting ready. We were blessed with a beautiful day.

Once we got to the church, we had our pictures taken with my sponsor Paul and I choose Paul because he is my uncle and I help him farming.There were five priests and the Bishop of Elphin, Kevin Doran. He is the newely elected bishop in our diocese. For the mass we also had to bring our baptismal candles to light during the ceremony and a card that you had to hand to the priest on your way up to the Bishop. During this time, the bishop asked me my name while I was kneeling down on the altar. I chose my name Enda, after my uncle. Then the mass carried on as normal. When the mass was finished, we walked down the middle aisle after the priests and Bishop Kevin. Representing our parish were Fr Michael Joyce and Fr John McCarthy.

After the ceremony we got pictures with the bishop and our families and grandparents.Then we made our way to Castlerea, which is a five minute journey. There we met up with my cousins and had dinner and desserts. Everyone really enjoyed the lovely food that was served.Then we had a chat and a bit of cake that we got earlier. Then we all left and went home to relax for a while. At six O’clock  that evening, we went go carting  in Roscommon on an outdoor circuit. We all  had great craic and could have stayed all day long. When we came home we had some tea and turkey sandwiches and tart. It was a nice way to finish a memorable day for me.