Marky Fitzmaurice Tournament

On Friday, the first of May we went to the Mark Fitzmaurice tournament in Donamon. The boys were playing Gaelic and the girls were playing soccer.We left at 10.00 in the morning on the bus.we were given  our jerseys and we put them on and started doing some stretches. then we started doing laps and then we waited until we had to play. we were playing Clontruskert first  and they were wearing red and white jerseys. for the first half of the match, Gabrielle was our goalie, Taylor and I were backs, Aisling and Tegan were midfielders and Éimear and Sarah were forwards. We were beating them at the end of the first half and Nadine went on for Gabrielle and Ava went on for Taylor. The final score was 7-0 to us, Our next match was against Creggs. So Ms Roughneen called out our team for the next match. Emma was our goalie, me and Taylor were backs, Aisling and Tegan were midfielders and Sarah and Eimear were forwards. We bet Creggs at the end of the match, 1-0. Our next match was against Tarmon and if we bet them, we would be in the final. We bet them, 6-0, so we were in the final! The lads won all of their matches too so they would be in the final as well! Both of our teams were playing Ballaghlea. Mrs Roughneen told our players the positions we were playing in the final; the same as in the first match and our subs were, Ciara, Ava, Emma, Alanna, Marissa, Nadine. But unfortunately we lost the final by 2 goals. The lads didn’t win their final either but we all got medals for coming in second place. Even though we didn’t win the cup I’m glad we got that far.


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