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Maths Week 2017

Pupils in all classes took part in a variety of different activities for Maths Week Ireland including maths games and using online target boards on the Maths Week Ireland website.

Each day Maths Week published a new target board and pupils worked in mixed class groups to come up with as many possible maths equations that made the target number. By the end of the week pupils in the senior room finished 5th overall on the national maths target board leader-board with pupils in the middle room finishing 10th overall.

Glinsk N.S. was also one of eight school in Ireland chosen to take part in a live interactive Maths show with Living Maths Ireland on the Thursday during Maths Week. All schools taking part connected up with Steve Sherman from Living Maths using Google hangouts for the interactive show which was streamed live at 11:30 a.m. for anybody to watch. He did a variety of maths tricks with all the schools before showing them the mathematical logic behind them and they could be worked out. Pupils in the senior room tried out their new maths tricks on other classes and really enjoyed the live show. Hopefully there will be further opportunities to link up with Living Maths into the future.