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Making a St. Brigid’s Cross

St. Brigid’s Day on the 1st of February marks the beginning of Spring. Every year we have a great tradition of making crosses in the school and Mr. Shevlin has always come into the school to share his expertise and lend a helping hand on the day. He has shown us how to make the Donegal cross over the years which is a very easy one to make.

Mr. Shevlin has kindly recorded these videos below to show us how to make the traditional St. Brigid’s Cross and the Donegal cross and hence keeping the tradition alive in the school even if we are all learning remotely.

Try and make one of the crosses below and to make it easier, you can always pause the video along the way.

Traditional St. Brigid’s Cross


Donegal Cross


Prayer to St. Brigid

St. Brigid of Ireland, help us we pray,

To be loving and kind in our work and our play.

You always lent a helping hand to those who came your way,

Teach us now to understand, how to live and work each day.