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Google Classroom

The senior classroom is using Google Classroom (GC) as our remote learning platform.

We will also be using it for video conferencing using Google Meets as this integrates safely and easily into the platform.

I will be uploading lessons and resources directly to GC as well as assignments and interesting topics.

I know some pupils (and parents) are having some trouble with GC, I know it took me a while to get used to it but it really is a great way to communicate with our pupils and give back feedback to them. And I am finding new features every day which can make this new learning experience easier.

Firstly, ensure your child is logged into his school email account before entering the classroom code or joining GC. If  posting anything to GC , your child will need to be in their own accounts to do so. You may inadvertently join the class yourself if you are logged into your own classroom.

I am uploading some how to videos and information here which might make things a little clearer for all! and remember we are all new to this way of learning, so don’t be afraid to ask for help or email if you have any questions.

How to join a class

[btn_arrow_red url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”] How to join Goggle Classroom [/btn_arrow_red]

How to submit an assignments on GC.

How to use GC on a tablet or smart phone

Get the App!


[btn_arrow_red url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”] GC on an Ipad [/btn_arrow_red]

On an android phone or tablet.

How to submit assignments using the GC mobile app.