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Lego Leagues – Rising Star Award

Pupils from 4th, 5th & 6th class, parents and teachers attended the FIRST [For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology] Lego Leagues in the Gallmont Hotel on the 3rd February hosted by Galway Education Centre & Colmac Robotics. The theme for the competition was hydrodynamics and following months of work on the project, the school team Go with the Flow were delighted to be involved in the competition for the first time.


There were 22 schools from all over Ireland taking part, including primary and post-primary schools and the day was very busy with each team completing 3 rounds of the mission robot game, giving presentation on their research, meeting the design team judges to explain their robot design and meeting the core values judges.


It was a great experience to see all the different robot designs and there was a huge emphasis on fun throughout the day for all teams. Pupils from all schools sang and danced throughout the day as well as competing! Pupils from Glinsk showed off their recently learnt line dancing skills!


The team won the FIRST Lego Leagues Rising Star award which was a lovely Lego cup! The team, parents and teachers were delighted to see all the pupils hard work on the project over the past months rewarded.


Thank you to everyone who lit bonfires to welcome home our return. We really hope we are offered the chance to be involved in the Lego Leagues competition next year. Well done team Go with the Flow!

Take a look at some photos from the day below.

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