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Lego Leagues

Pupils in the senior room welcomed parents, grandparents and members of the community into the school on Wednesday 24th to showcase their Lego Leagues project in advance of the Lego Leagues competition on Saturday 3rd February at the Radisson Hotel Galway. Pupil presented their Power Point presentation on all the research on the project including field trips to research the topic.



Design Team working on the poster

The poster by the design team was displayed with the 4 key headings; Integration, Co-opertition, Discovery and Inclusion detailing how all the teams worked on the project and photos of different stages of the project.



Presenting our Power Point Presentation

Finally pupils demonstrated the third part of the project which is the robot mission where their programmed robot moved around the table and completed missions such as pushing a lever on a water filter and lifting a water pipe etc.


Good luck to our team Go with the Flow at the Lego Leagues competition.