John Murphy- Enterpreneur

⚙John Murphy🔩
When we were doing J.E.P. (Junior entrepreneur programme) we had
to come up with a load of ideas. The best of the ideas were the Light
Buddy, (my personal favourite!), the Pillow Pal and the Car Cafe. The
Car Cafe won. One of the dragons who picked the three ideas was
John Murphy. He is from Castlerea but is married to a Glinsk lady.
Before he became an entrepreneur, he was a salesman. He said he
had always wanted to be a salesman. But one day he went into his
Garden shed in his back garden in Castlerea. He started fidgeting
with some nuts and bolts and he decided he would like to make a
business by doing just this. He went out to places like Thailand and
China looking at factories. He is retired now but he still does some
things in the business.


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