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Ireland’s Future is MINE


Over the last few months, pupils in the senior classroom have been very excited to participate in the Ireland’s future is MINE program, which is a joint initiative between Dreamspace and RTE Jnr using Minecraft Educational Edition  as an educational tool. Minecraft Education is a wonderful tool to engage children and build on their skills. It is linked into the Irish primary school curriculum and covers many areas in: Literacy, Art, Maths, Science, Geography, SPHE. Children are learning all the time but dont realise they are!

Ireland’s Future is MINE is a joint initiative between Microsoft’s Dream Space and RTÉjr. Using Minecraft: Education Edition as an educational tool and the guidance of Dream Space TV on RTÉ Learn, we have the opportunity to take part in the national “Ireland’s Future is MINE” competition which allows pupils to think creatively, collaborate, problem solve and re-imagine their communities in the future.

We had to work collaboratively to create a more sustainable model of our local community using Minecraft Educational Edition.

First, we brainstormed our ideas and created maps and plans of our village.

We also researched sustainability and biodiversity as part of the project.

And we looked at local history books and the internet to find out more about the history of the area. We also interviewed some locals for more information.

You can Kyle as he walks through our village below