Music Generation

Pupils from 1st – 6th class have been learning the ukulele with Cían from Music Generation and infants are working on clapping rhythms and percussion instruments. Practice what we have been learning.

Click on the links below to practise:

Open String Exercises Chords – C, A Minor and F#





Follow the blue arrow to play along with Roar by Katy Perry



Play along to Wake Me Up by Avicci – Play the following chords Am, F# C, C,

Wake Me Up by Avicci



Click on the links below to practice Silent Night. First practice the G chord learned for this hymn.

G chord Silent Night – Chords


Silent Night – Melody






Play along to Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men


Little Talks – Lyrics & Chords




Traditional Music

Try to play along with the Humours of Tulla reel below. Remember you play the G chord 4 times with the beat, followed by the C chord and back again to G chord to repeat again.

Humours of Tulla



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