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F.A.I. soccer competitions

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F.A.I. soccer competitions

By May 19, 2017March 18th, 2022No Comments

On the 16th Tuesday there was a F.A.I competition for boys and girls. There was 3 other schools there. The girls split up into two teams and the boys entered one team. Everyone was excited. The time came to go to the pitch. The boys first match was against Athleague N.S. and the score was 3-0 to us. While we were playing the girls were playing against each other! The A team scored 5 and the B team scored 1. The boys next game was against Kilteevan N.S. The score was 2-1 to us. Then we had a break. Next the A team played St. John’s N.S. It was 3-1 to Glinsk. The B team also won. Our next match was against St John’s N.S.  We won 5-1 to us. Glinsk boys and Glinsk girls A team got threw to the final in June !!!!! Hope to see you there cheering us on!

By Ross & Colin

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