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Europe Day Celebrations

We celebrated Europe Day on Tuesday 28th of May.

The pupils in 4th, 5th and 6th classes put a lot of effort into learning all about the EU and Europe over the last few months.

Europe day was a celebration of all they learnt.

There were history projects on the history of Europe.

There were group projects on the EU institutions; the European Parliament, Court of Justice, European Council and The European Commission.

There were also group projects on our outgoing members of parliament.

Each child choose a country of the EU and researched it, compiling the information in a PowerPoint. Check out the presentations here! 

The children all wrote to an MEP and these letters were on display.

The Pupils designed and wrote a postcard from an EU country they imagined they were on holiday in! the Postbox was on display also.

The last few weeks were busy with creating quizzes and board games displaying the knowledge that the pupils learnt about Europe and the EU.

We had some tasty snacks and treats from the countries of the EU available to try! Erín’s Croatian Kiflice biscuits were a particular favourite!

And lastly, the pupils amazing EU Landmarks were displayed, with famous buildings and natural features including the GPO, The Louvre Pyramid, The Nou camp and even an edible Stonehenge on display.