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Discover Primary Science & Maths

As part of our work towards the Discover Primary Science & Maths award we held a showcase day in the school hall. All classes in the school set up experiments to show parents, grandparents & community members. Pupils also had an opportunity to visit other stations and see what was happening, including experiments where pupils could predict what was going to happen.

Pupils used yeast, tested which materials were magnetic, had fun with optical illusions, watched the reaction when materials are mixed i.e. vinegar & bread soda. At other stations pupils taste tested foods without knowing which food and tried to work it out, cleaned 1 cent, 2 cent & 5 cent coins with vinegar and investigated static electricity.

Pupils discovered that if you try to catch a bubble with dry hands, it will pop but if you have soapy hands you can catch it. Infants were busy testing how you can place tissue in a jar, turn it upside down and push it into a basin of water and yet manage to keep the tissue dry! Take a look at photos from our day below.

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