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Delicious Baking!

The pupils in 6th class were busk baking this week and made great use of the new oven in our upgraded kitchen. They baked both sweet and savory with a lovely smell wafting through the school. Maria kindly guided the girls through making and baking fairy cakes and brownies. At their next baking lesson, the girls made homemade brown bread and delicious cookies.

They were very organised and brought in lovely jam the next day to enjoy on their brown bread at lunch time! The next time you visit one of their houses, you might be treated to tasty brownies or cookies!



Pupils from 4th & 5th class made tasty chocolate chip cookies and wholesome brown bread which was delicious.

Finally 3rd class made a chocolate biscuit cake which we hope they will share!! Take a look at some of our photos. Thank you Maria.

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