2nd & 3rd classes: Working at home!

As all schools are to remain closed for the next two weeks, please find below work which your child may engage with while at home. This work is to help keep your child engaged in their learning while schools are closed. We also encourage children to also keep reading, practice their musical instruments, play board games, bake, get fresh air and engage in outdoor activities if possible and within the H.S.E. recommendations.

The school work outlined below (based on the note the children received at school on Thursday) encourages independent learning and revision.

All children learn in individual ways and some children will move easily from one activity to the next. If you child finds any task difficult or cannot understand it, move onto a different activity or subject.

Decide on a maximum amount of time, you as a parent feel your child can work at independently and successfully each day and after which cease work.


Suggested timetable of work for 2nd & 3rd classes



Please find all files for Irish comprehension, Maths word problems and Brain teasers below.


Irish Comprehension

Monday 16th

An Fear Dóitéain



Wednesday 18th

An t-Ochtapas Óg



Thursday 19th

Sióg na bhFiacla




Maths Word Problems from NZ Maths

Monday 16th

3 Cold Kittens



Wedesday 18th

50 Toes



Thursday 19th




Friday 20th

Buttons & Bears




Brain Teasers – You will need toothpicks and small buttons or coins

Monday 16th

Save the Seahorse



Wednesday 18th

A Toothpick Jail !



Thursday 19th

Too Many Monkeys




Brain Teaser Solutions

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