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World Book Day 2016

World Book Day
This Thursday was World Book day. Pupils in the school dressed up as book characters of their choice! There were some very good costumes. In the senior room, we played a guessing game to see if we could guess the characters from three clues. Some clues were very cryptic.
Each pupil in the senior room got partnered up with a child from the junior room. Then we read them a story of their choice.
Because it was World Book Day each child got a Book Token to use at a book shop. With these book tokens you can either get a free book that is € 1.50 or you can get € 1.50 of a full riced book. If you are getting a book free there are only  a certain amount to choose from. They will have a World Book Day sticker on them.

We also had a book quiz. Two teams drew at the end of the great bumper quiz so Aoibhe’s and my teams had a tie breaker round! We won so we got to pick a prize! I chose a Minion Pen. Taylor and Eoin were on my team and Éanna and Marissa were on Aoibhe’s.  We are reading the Guns of Easter and we had a competition to design a new cover for the book. Here are the winners, Nichola, Alanna and Ava with their prizes and illustrations. There also was a competition to design a book token. The winners were Gavin, Paul and Gabrielle.

We all brought in our favourite books too and gave a quick oral presentation on why they were our favourites!
 fav books
Sarah Jane
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