Work Schedule for 2nd & 3rd classes – 11th – 15th May 2020

Please find below a suggested work plan for the week and all the resources needed. Please e-mail the school at or use the comments facility in Seesaw if you need any help with your child’s learning. Please complete tasks that suit your family situation and we are aware that there are lots of other learning activities happening in homes too. Thank you to all parents for helping pupils with all the different activities and helping your child/ children to use Seesaw.


If you don’t have printing facilities, I have uploaded many of the tasks to Seesaw and you can try using the drawing tools or text box tool to complete the task.


Suggested work schedule – 2nd class – 11th – 15th May


Suggested work schedule – 3rd class – 11th – 15th May






Bun go Barr – 2nd class – 11th – 15th May




2nd & 3rd classes

Our Lady of Fatima – Power Point



When I think of Mary……



Stained Glass Window



Our Lady of Lourdes Story





SESE – History

2nd & 3rd classes

The Story of Wheat



Louis Braille



Louis Braille – Alphabet – Write your own name

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