Wednesday’s Puzzle

Can you solve this problem?

“I was between Murphy and O’Reilly” said Anne. “I was in front of Smith and Murphy” said Mary. While John said he was behind Smith and O’Reilly.

What are their full names and in what order were they?
(From the Irish Times)
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23 Responses to “Wednesday’s Puzzle”

  1. Sarah Jane

    John Murphy Sarah Jane
    Anne Smith
    Mary O Reilly
    Mary was in front of John and Anne
    Anne was between Mary and John
    John was behind Mary and Anne

  2. The order is…
    1.Mary Smith
    2. John Murphey
    3.Anne O’Reilly

  3. Eoin

    1st Mary O’reilly (in front of other two)
    2nd Anne Smith
    3rd John Murphy

  4. 1st. Mary O’Reilly

    2nd. Anne Smith

    3rd. John Murphy

  5. First was Mary o’Reilly, second was Anne Smith and John Murphy was third

  6. 1st is Mary O’Reilly
    2nd is Anne Smith
    3rd is John Murphy


  7. Gabrielle

    The answer is
    Mary O Reily, Annie Smith and John Murphey (from right to left)


  8. Sorry Ms Roughneen the first answer I put down is wrong, this is my real answer.

    1.Mary O’Reilly
    2.Anne Smith
    3.John Murphy

  9. Sorry Ms Roughneen! just relised my answer was wrong!!!! this is the right answer I think
    1.Mary O’Reilly
    2.Anne Smith
    3.John Murphy

  10. Nadine😂

    Anne Smith
    Mary O’Reilly
    John Murphy

    I can’t have 2 people behind me so thats the problem with the sum

    From Nadine

  11. Anne Smith,Mary O’Reilly,Jonh Murphy

    Mary was first
    Anne was in the middle
    Jonh was at the back

  12. Ciara Roughneen

    The answer is
    Mary O’Reilly, Anne Smith, John Murphy