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Visit to Donamon Castle

Pupils from 4th, 5th & 6th class visited the Divine Word Missionaries printing works at Donamon Castle. Shane took the pupils on a full guided tour of the printing works, explaining and demonstrating the printing process. Many of the pupils are familiar with the Divine Word Missionary packets of Christmas cards and other cards, so it was a great opportunity to see cards where these cards and other materials are printed.


Shane also set up a customised Glinsk N.S. Greetings card and pupils learned about the basic colours used in all printing with different combinations of these basic colours giving all the different colours. If you look at the bottom page of many newspapers and cereal boxes etc, you will find 4 coloured circles which are the 4 colours needed for all printing.

After a tour of the printing works, Shane took the group over to the main castle where pupils got to see the beautiful Christmas tree and crib in the main hall and the adjoining large function room and dining room. It was such an interesting and educational trip which the pupils really enjoyed. Thank you Shane.

Take a look at some photos from the day below.

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