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Under the Hawthorn Tree

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Under the Hawthorn Tree

By February 11, 2016February 16th, 2016No Comments

Hi my name is Eanna. I am going to tell you about the that 4th class are reading. It is called Under the Hawthorn Tree and the author is Marita  Conlon – McKenna. It is based on the famine in Ireland. We are on chapter 7. Chapter 7 is called the The soup kitchen. Under the Hawthorn Tree is very good and I think everyone in the class likes it. The main characters are: Eily, Michael, Peggy, Mother, Nano and Lena. If I was rating the book out of 10, I would give it 10. My favorite part is the journey from their house to Castletaggart. My least favorite  part  so far is when  Eily, Michael, and Peggy’s little sister Bridget dies. We also have a work book and on each page there are 6 questions  for  each chapter and we do the sheet with the chapter we have just been reading after we have read that chapter. Under the Hawthorn Tree is where baby Bridget is buried and that is where the book got its name. It is very good.

under the hawthorn tree2


under the hawthorn tree