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Trip to Sligo

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Trip to Sligo

By June 16, 2015June 21st, 2015No Comments

On the 8th of July I was told that I won the W.B Yeats competition. I was very exited when I was told because I was going to be in the Clarion Hotel in Sligo in four days. After a few days, it was the 12th of July. I had butterfly in my stomach. I got dressed and off my mum and me went. On the way we picked up my uncle Jamie and then we set off for Sligo. Soon we were there and we got out of the car and went inside to the café and waited there for 15minutes. Then we went to the ballroom and sat down for the ceremony. Waiters severed us food and dessert. After that a girl named Sara Mc Kirdy played a few songs on her violin. Then, after that Eva Joyce recited a poem for everyone. Then Aisling Fahey called out the winners and gave everyone two books each and that’s when I saw my picture on the front of the book.



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