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Traditional crafts

All pupils from 1st – 6th class have been working on their knitting skills for the past 6 weeks. We are very grateful to all the ladies, including grandparents and grandaunts who gave so generously of their time, skills and expertise to help us pass on traditional crafts to the pupils.

Pupils in first class were learning how to knit and after loosing some stitches and finding a few more along the way, they mastered the plain stitch and knitted some lovely hairbands, wrist bands etc. The older experienced pupils learned how to cast on, cast off and knit the pearly stitch with some pupils successfully following challenging knitting patterns.

Pupils also learned some basic crochet stitches and kindly crocheted some flowers for younger pupils to attach to their knitted hairbands.



There was a great variety of wool of all textures and colours and pupils even discovered wool that they could knit with just their fingers! Take a look at some photos from our knitting below.