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The Chicks!

The Chicks!
By Marissa
Today four chicks hatched! There very fluffy(well, most of them) some are them are still a bit wet so there in the incubator.
Two of them are in the cage and two of them are still in the incubator. There are still three eggs left to hatch, one of them has a pip so that one might hatch
tomorrow. But I don’t know about the other two. They could pip in the night.

I hope we get to bring them home for the weekend because Mammy and Daddy
said that we were allowed to. The only fear in my head is that if one of them dies its all our fault!! But other than that I think I know what I’m doing.

The chicks are still sitting under the heat-plate in there cage, they LOVE their heat-plate; they mostly just sit there all day because its so warm and comfy.

They are very cute and now they are fluffy. The other two that are still in the incubator are very tired because it takes a lot of
strength to try and hatch out of the eggs, which leaves the chicks quite tired and weak after that so they just lie down and go to sleep.

It was a bit of a chicken frenzy this morning, trying to remove the two chicks from the incubator and place them into their cage.
When we put the lid back down on the cage one of the chicks got its head stuck and was nearly a goner until I found him. (To be honest I thought he was
goner) But then I told Ms. Roughneen about him and she then lifted up the lid. I was very relieved. So now that chick is fine and he’s in the incubator sleeping.