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The Butterfly Lion

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The Butterfly Lion

By March 23, 2020May 18th, 2020No Comments

Watch this interesting video clip of the author Michael Morpurgo speaking about the book and where the idea for The Butterfly Lion came from.


Click below to listen to the chapters

Chapter 1 – Chilblains and Semolina Pudding


Chapter 2 – Strange Meeting


Chapter 3 – Timbavati


Chapter 4 – Bertie and the Lion


Chapter 5 – Running Free


Chapter 6 – The Frenchman


Chapter 7 – Strawbridge


Chapter 8 – And All’s Well


Chapter 9 – A Lot of Old Codswallop


Chapter 10 – The White Prince


Chapter 11 – A Miracle, A Miracle!


Chapter 12 – The Butterfly Lion


Chapter 13 – And the Lion Shall Lie down with the Lamb


Chapter 14 – Adonis Blues


The last chapter in the book is called Adonis Blues. Adonis blue is a type of butterfly and is found on chalk downland in warm sheltered spots. Remember they carved the lion on the hillside out of chalk so that is why this type of butterfly was attracted to that spot. This is what the adonis blue looks like.


Click below for writing tasks based on the novel

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