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Tech Week

All classes took part in Tech Week with a variety of different activities. Pupils used the Colour Alive app on the ipads to make dragons & wizards come alive and lift off the pages! Pupils from 1st – 6th class enjoyed coding with Run Marco working through many different levels and progressing through using repeated commands.

Pupils in 1st, 2nd & 3rd class learned all about how pilots use technology in the work making a Skype call to a pilot. We made a list of questions we wanted to ask Linda before we called her and discovered that the most important instrument in the cockpit is the artificial horizon – that instrument tells the pilot where they are.

We also tried the human processor activity where pupils gave inputs to the teacher who was the computer. Ms Nolan was tasked with making a jam sandwich and we discovered that we really had to give very specific commands and step by step inputs. She made a good few errors executing the commands and the jam sandwich became very messy and ended with the plate and sandwich turned upside down on the table!

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