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Should we learn Irish in school?

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Should we learn Irish in school?

By May 12, 2015June 21st, 2015No Comments

Irish is a waste of time


You don’t speak it every day. The only place I can think of that speak Irish is Connemara. The only course you need it for is the Gardaí and teaching that’s all and if Irish was abolished the teachers wouldn’t need it for teaching because the children wouldn’t have to learn it.

Another reason we don’t need Irish is what other countries speak Irish? If you move to another country it’s no good because they won’t have a clue what you’re saying. They speak other languages and they may know a lot of other languages but I’m 99.99% sure they won’t know Irish. If tourists came they and they direction’s or anything like that that’s why learning another language could help out the tourist. You could learn other languages such as French, Spanish, etc, etc. You couldbenefit from other subjects.


Learning Irish is a pure waste of time

because ………

Why would we want learn Irish if most of the people in this country do not speak it? And what if we go out to a different country then all of that Irish that we learned in school would come to absolutely nothing. If a student has learning difficulties is hard to learn Irish such as the verbs grammar and spellings. You would not usually see a person going around from place to place speaking Irish would u? And the only main job you need Irish is if you are a teacher or a guard. Why can’t we learn a different language?



Irish is a waste of time because……….

If it was abolished you wouldn’t need it for anything, and the only things you need it for is the Gardaí and teaching. Not everyone is going to be a guard or teacher. Why couldn’t you learn another language which would be way more helpful if you were in another country or more importantly, if you were a teacher in in somewhere like Australia or Canada where many people have now gone for jobs. The children wouldn’t be learning Irish they would be learning some other language like Italian, Spanish or French and they could learn loads more languages or maybe they might not be learning a language. That’s why Irish is a complete waste of time.



Learning Irish Is A Waste Of Time

In Ireland we waste so much time on learning a language that we are never going to use. What is Irish going to do for us in the future? No other countries in the world speak Irish so what do we use it for anyways and hardly anybody in Ireland speak Irish anyway so what’s the point? There are hardly any books that are translated in Irish except if we learn them in school. I say it’s just an awful way of giving us more homework. I don’t like learning Irish, I always have and I always will. I think our team are absolutely correct on “Learning Irish Is a Waste of Time” so vote for us.


I am going to start off this beautiful Thursday afternoon by saying our national anthem. Will we just scratch it so and what about the Gael scoils? the teachers will be out of business. It is our language TG$ will be gone. I would like to finish today by asking a question, who goes to Irish camp in Glinsk? That will be closed down. Thanks for listening.



I think learning Irish is not a waste of time because you need it to get a right job and not some kind of crappy job like McDonalds what if you have your heart set on being a teacher or a guard you need Irish for that don’t you. What if you moved to Connemara, they speak Irish fluently there? Sure most people don’t like Irish but you need it when you go into modern day life.



I think Irish is not a waste a time because. For starters Irish is a lovely language. I think all of Ireland should Speak Irish because it’s our native language. Like If we have to speak English how and English people should speak Irish it’s not fair I stand here today on behalf of my team Irish should be used way more than English so who is with me. And we won our debate. David

I think learning Irish isn’t a waste of time because it can help us to get a good job in the future and it’s our native language. I think it’s good learning Irish because it’s a beautiful language and lots of people love to hear it. If you learn Irish you are doing your part to help a small endangered language. If we had no Irish there would be no Irish camp and noTG4.