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Presidential Election

Ireland’s Presidential election was held on October 26th. To coincide with this occasion, Glinsk NS decided to hold our own presidential election.

First, candidates were chosen and electoral officials were chosen. Every child had a job to do. It was great fun and an interesting way to introduce our electoral system to the pupils.

Presidential posters and propaganda began to appear in the classroom.

We had a presidential debate in front of a live audience including Mrs Nolan.

Claire and Miriam were presiding over the debate.

The candidates made some excellent speeches and all sorts of promises were made.

After a lively debate, all the audience members got to vote on who they thought should be the next president. They took their polling cards to the polling station where the electoral register was checked by the officials. then their ballot paper was punched before they cast their vote via secret ballot.

Once the polls closed, the ballot boxes were opened, the ballots were sorted and the first count got underway.

After count four, the presiding officer deemed Gavin Duffy elected without reaching the quota of 20 votes.