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By June 22, 2016June 27th, 2016No Comments

The Petting Zoo at Eagles Flying
We held bunnies, mice and guinea pigs. There was pigs, Shetland ponies, goats, a fox, a racoon and birds. We saw them all and they were let out of their pens and we could feed them. On the way in there was such cute donkeys and sheep, lambs and rams. I thought the grey rabbit was a girl. I got to name the black and white bunny and I called her Scruffy. I was amazed by all the animals they took into their wildlife park. It was beside Eagles Flying outside the village of Ballymote, Co. Sligo. Please do go and visit the animals, read Colin’s blog to read about the fantastic show!
By Kayleigh

Funny Bones
When I walked into Funny Bones I was amazed at what I saw. It was the biggest play zone that I ever had seen. There was a soccer pitch at the back of the play zone. I liked the high rope, because it was so high and so tricky and so tiring.
By Séan

The Model Art Gallery
The Model is really good. It even has a little Island of Innisfree. There was water, a little cottage and flowers. We saw J B Yeats’ pictures and poetry. He had two sisters, they were called Susie and Lily. We got to do print painting, blow giant bubbles and draw with chalk on the ground outside. At the end of our visit we had a barbecue, with delicious burgers and hot dogs.
By Caoimhe N

Arigna Mines
It was a long way to Arigna. We went up on a mountain. We had the best time. We saw a waterfall. An old miner gave us a tour. He showed us a pick axe. The man let off an explosion. He told us all about working in the mines. They worked lying down. Sadly, five miners died over the years.
By Ross

Eagles Flying
Eagles Flying is the best thing in the world. It’s a show with fat owls and amazing eagles. And it was a lovely show. My favourite creature was Owl. He is so chubby. I think he is the fattest owl in the world.
My other favourite bird was Lawrence the Killer. He is very strong. And one more thing we saw…..a peacock! But the peacock was a show off!
And that’s the end of my blog.
By Colin