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Our First Holy Communion

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Our First Holy Communion

By May 19, 2017March 18th, 2022No Comments

All of second class made there first Holy communion two weeks ago. Everybody was very exited.everybody went into the priests house and waited for eveyone to go  into the church.We were all very nervous! becace there were lots of people there!.Everybody walked up the ill when we got to the top we all bough two at a time and we all sat down. Then the priests called the children for the readings first Ali and Liam went up first for the Faithful prayers. second up was Erin and Gary for responsorial psalm. Conor read the second reading. Caoimhe read the Gospel Acclamation. Next the pries started talking and he called the communion kids up to do the prayers of the faithful. Ali went up to do her reading first, then Liam, next Caoimhe, followed by Gary, next Erin and finally Conor.  We all brought up gifts in the offertory and went up around the altar for the Consecration. We came to our families after the sign of peace so we could receive our First Holy Communion with our  parents. Then after mass was over, we all went into the school for a party. Then everybody went home and had an even bigger party. They had cake, buns, Gingerbread men and tea! It was a great day and very special!

By Erín & Gary