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I’ve Planted a Tree Initiative

All pupils recently took part in the I’ve planted a tree and my garden is pesticide free initiative in conjunction with the Glinsk-Creggs Group Water Scheme and the Irish Federation of Group Water Scheme. We welcomed Shane Curley from Glinsk-Creggs Group Water Scheme and Sinéad Higgins from the I.F.G.W.S. to the school recently to launch the initiative. Shane spoke about biodiversity in our gardens and how important it is to leave some nettles for the butterflies or even not to mow a strip of grass in our gardens for bees and insects to enjoy. All pupils received a bare-root native Irish tree to plant in their garden and the planting of all these tress will play a part in protecting local water sources and capturing carbon. Sinéad and Shane planted a a hazel tree in the nature area which we look forward to see growing hazel nuts in the years to come. Pupils received a special certificate to remind them of the importance of using less pesticides in our gardens as they all have the potential to eventually end up in a water source.

Shane talked to pupils about how water from Ballincurry lake is treated at the water treatment plant so that it is safe for drinking. Sometimes as part of his work a water leak can be detected and in order to find out if the leak is from the group water scheme or another source, a simple test can be completed. Shane demonstrated the test used to detect the presence of chlorine, with the sample of water turning pink. If it turns pink, then the water is from the group water scheme. Thank you to Shane & Sinéad for a very practical and informative visit.

Look at some photos from the launch of “I’ve planted a tree and my garden is pesticide free” below.