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Irish War of Independence

Watch this video which gives a quick overview of the Irish War of Independence and the background to it.

A short video on the War

This is a very informative and fact filled video on the War of Independence.

Read through a slideshow on the Irish War Of Independence below.

This is a timeline of the War.

What do you think?

Go to Padlet and log in with your school gmail address.
Answer the two questions at the top of the page, one at a time. Remember, this is your opinion and there are no wrong or right answers.

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Open this assignment below and complete this worksheet online in Google Classroom

[btn_arrow_red url=”″ target=”_blank” position=”centre”] War of Independence Worksheet [/btn_arrow_red]

or download the worksheet from the link below and write in the answers or you can write the questions and answers in to your SESE copy.

Worksheet on the Irish War of Independence

Extra Resources

Here are some other, supplementary resources you may find interesting.

1919 was the centenary of the First Dáil. This is a very useful website full of information about this historic occasion.

Dáil 100

This Irish History website is a treasure trove of all Irish History. This link will bring you to the page on the War of Independence.

Erin Ascendant Website