Identifying Trees

Here is a worksheet that may help with your Tree Survey. You may complete the survey in your garden, fields beside your house or on all your land!  You can add rubbings, drawings or photos to the worksheet. Whether you find a bud or a leaf will depend on the time of year. When do you think you might find a nut or a seed? Or a leaf or a bud?

There are some nice resources from The Tree Council Of Ireland.

Ask About Ireland Website also has a video and some information on Irish Trees.

There are lots of interesting resources on Tree Day website if you want to learn more about Irish Trees.

Here are two apps which might be of benefit as you complete your tree survey. Download on to a moblie device.

Both apps can be used to identify trees by their leaves or other features.

British tree identification from Woodland Trust Leaf Snap

Please share any interesting information or  trees you find in your locality in the comments box below.


2 Responses to “Identifying Trees”

  1. Also what worksheet for the tree survey?
    From Nicole

    • Ciara Roughneen

      Hi Nicole, all the information you need is in this post. It’s the green link that says “Tree Survey”. You can download and print this worksheet or make your own.
      Remember to keep checking the website for updates, information and resources.