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Gymnastics & Hip-Hop

All classes have enjoyed our gymnastics sessions with coach Fiona and hip-hop dance with Trisha in recent weeks. In our gymnastics sessions we learned about the different muscles in our bodies and how important a healthy diet and lifestyle are. Over the gymnastics sessions pupils used a variety of different pieces of equipment from mats and tampolines to balance beams. We worked on simple warm up activiteis such as the wheelbarrow, the piggy back and the cradle lift to work on our core muslces in preparation for tumbles etc. Pupils also enjoyed some fun bean games during warm-up acitivites. The trampolines were very popular with all classes as pupils learned how to do vertical jumps, star jumps and tuck jumps. Take a look at some photos from our gymnastics sessions below.

Pupils had a full warm-up at the beginning of each dance session after which Trisha taught a series of choreographed moves to popular dance songs. At the end of each dance session, pupils got to show off their own free-style dance moves in the dance circle with all their peers copying their move in rotation around the circle. Take a look at some of our dance moves below.