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Google Meet

This week we will try to have a video meeting with each class in the Senior Room. We are going to use Google Meet for this as it integrates nicely with Goggle Classroom. The links for each meeting will be posted in the classroom stream on Google Classroom 15 minutes before the scheduled time. I will email the link to you for the first meeting until we are all comfortable using this. The link will be reset after each meeting and only visible from 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting.

Google Meet is a very secure way of joining a video call as only those with the link can join and only those in our GC suite will be able to see the link when live.

When in a Meet please follow these basic rules.

Please start with your microphone muted. If you have headphones or ear buds, they might be useful to use to block out background noise and avoid feedback.

Join a video meeting for education
This article is for students and other meeting participants.

You can join a video meeting for distance learning with Google Meet using a computer or mobile device. Depending on how the meeting was set up, you can join in a link or from Google Classroom stream.

How to join a Google Meet

This week introductory meeting are scheduled for

  • Tuesday @1pm 4th class
  • Tuesday @2pm 5th Class
  • Wednesday @1pm 6th class