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Girl’s Football Blitz

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Girl’s Football Blitz

By March 24, 2015No Comments

On Thursday the 19th of March, the girls in 3rd, 4th and 6th played the Dunmore 7 aside.  The tournament was in Clonberne, and there were lots of schools taking part.

We met at the school at 9:15 in the morning and when everyone was ready we got into the cars.  When we arrived at Clonberne, there were already lots of schools there.  Some of the girls there looked very good, and most of them were taller than us.  We went into the dressing rooms and got changed into our boots and put on our jerseys.  Then we were ready to go out on the pitch.

When we got out to the pitch there were some girls we knew and some we didn’t.  We were talking to some girls from Ardeevin and Lisheen, when a man came to tell us that we were playing next.  We followed the man and came to a pitch where Dunmore were waiting for us.  The ref blew the whistle and the match started, at half time they were winning by 1 goal to nil.  We had a short pep talk and once again the ref blew the whistle, and the second half started. We weren’t doing to bad after we scored a goal, but then in the last minute they scored a point. We had no time to score so it ended up 1-1 to 1-0 to Dunmore.

The next match we were playing was against Ardeevin/Lisheen.  They were beating us by 2 points at half time, but after the ref blew the whistle for the second time we scored 2 points.  So in the end it was a draw.

Then we had a break for 10 minutes and talked about the next match.  We were going to play Clonberne.  When we got back on the pitch we saw them and they were tall.  At half time they were beating us…….. bad.  The score was 3-3 to nil.  At the end of the match they beat us and the score was 6-3 to nil.

Then we were going to play our last match which was against Belmot.  The match started and it was looking good for us.  At half time we were winning by 2 goals.  Then in the second half they scored a goal.  Now we started scoring more and more.  In the end we beat them and the score was 4-5 to 1-1.  That was our last match, so we were really hungry.  We had our lunch in Clonberne because it was a sunny day.  When we were all finished we got back into the cars and drove home.

By Aisling